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Dr. Bejene S Kothari, Ph.D.
Professor & Head

Greetings and Welcome to the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering Trivandrum, the oldest architectural institution in Kerala State, started in 1964. Thank you for visiting our website.

We often read, "Architecture is the Mother of all Arts", but usually taken it for granted as another passing statement, Unfortunately this "we" includes Architects and Architecture students. We often fail to understand the true "power" of architecture. Sir Winston Churchill once said to Architects; "Architects molds spaces and those spaces molds the people living in them; so when you sit down to mold spaces be careful, you are not molding just spaces; you are molding people". I first heard this long time back, in my joining day to B. Arch. course. I was told that architecture, spaces one passes through, has the power to make one happy or spiritual or sick. I really didn't comprehend it then. Years later, while visiting a very reputed foreign University, I came across a timetable in the notice board with the subject SBS. My tour guide, an alumnus of our own Department now studying there, expanded it as 'Sick Building Syndrome'. In other words,'a bad building can affect one's mood', is now a scientific branch of study in a world reputed Architecture Institute. I have realized since thenthat,I have had many experiences, where the space around me had made me happy, sick and even accentuated my spiritual feeling. In fact we all have experienced it, if it really think about times when we have entered a nice home, or restaurant, or religious building or office space, etc.

Imagine, a profession where one is given the power to actually create emotions in people. Imagine a profession where you have the capacity to make your clients really happy in their home, you have the power to accentuate the spiritual feeling in their religious buildings, you have the power to make children actually loves coming to the school because it attracts them, imagine you are given the power to make people magnetized to their offices and IT parks. Actually it is simple, you just have to learn and understand the power of architecture.

Welcome to the world of Architecture. Welcome to the Department of Architecture for choosing a profession, for the noble cause of doing work of profound importance...

Dr. Bejene S Kothari
Head of the Department

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