Dept. of Architecture|College of Engg. TVM
Department of Architecture providing all the facilities to the students like Library, Leboratory, Workshop, Construction yard etc...

The Department library is equipped with a large collection of thesis reports, periodicals and journals. The project reports, dissertation work and documentations done by the students of the various classes in the undergraduate level and postgraduate level are also kept in library for reference. The library is also equipped with the private collections of books of the staff members of the departments given as contribution

The acoustic laboratory is equipped with modem equipments like sound level meter, real time acoustic analyzers, power amplifier, noise dose meter and software for analyzing building acoustic parameters and noise. A good collection of reference books and standards on acoustics are also available. An acoustic chamber is part of the laboratory.

The graphic laboratory is equipped with Personal Computers, Workstations with Internet facilities, printers, plotter and scanner. The laboratory facilities in carrying out works related to architecture and graphics.

The air-conditioned seminar hall can accommodate 150 persons and is full fledged with all modern audiovisual facilities.

The material museum is equipped with samples of building constructions and furnishing materials, fittings and fixtures.

Workshop for clay modeling, model making and painting using watercolours, poster colours and oil paint.

A construction yard has been set up for experimentation and demonstration of different construction techniques.

The photography lab assists the student for documenting their case studies and other photographic requirements.